Shakespeare in the Park

The 24th Season of FREE Performances!


Shakespeare In The Park 2019!

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Free to the Public
Edgerton Park
Tuesday thru Sunday
August 15th to September 1st
Music at 7:30pm - Play at 8:00pm

Look below for all the details


Do I need tickets?  Where’s my seat?
No Tickets are needed!
Sorry - No reservations!
Seating is Open on the grass of the great lawn
Bring your own lawn chairs or blankets
Blanket-Only Seating down front 

When should we arrive?
6:30 – Best seats & parking available
            Bring a picnic & enjoy!
7:30 – Live Music by the Cast begins
8:00 - Performance (2 hours, no intermission)

Directions & Parking
Great Lawn in the Center of Edgerton Park
Edgerton Park - off Whitney Ave at Hamden Border
75 Cliff Street, New Haven, CT 06511
There are several entrances - Edgehill Road, Opposite Edgehill Terrace, and on Cliff Street
Parking is along the streets just outside of the park, please do not drive into the park unless you have a Handicap Parking Tag

What about the weather?
We perform if at all possible, and will make rain cancellation decisions at 6:00 pm on the day of the performance.  In the event performance are cancelled due to inclement weather - updates are posted on the home page of the website, our Facebook page, our outgoing Phone Message.

Special mobility needs?
If needed, drop-off and/or handicap parking is available directly into the park on paved roads through the entrance on Edgehill Road, but traveling over grass is difficult to avoid in the audience. Please arrive early, if you need these accomodations.

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Public transportion options?
Bus:  J line (bus service usually ends before the performance ends)
Bike:  Map
Walk: Only 30 minutes from Yale University
Taxi: Uber, Lyft, Metro Taxi, Zipcar

Will there be restrooms?
Portable toilets are available on the Cliff Street side of the lawn near the Green House

Can I bring my pet?
Well-behaved, leashed pets are welcome.

Our union affiliation prohibits any photography or video of the actual performance, but we encourage you to take that selfie before or after the show and share your experience on social media.

Is there any food available?
Elm City Kettle Corn will be available most evenings selling popcorn and water. 

Is the performance kid friendly?
YES!  We get lots of feedback that even with short attention spans, kids are often “rapt with wonder” for the entire performance.  That said, Shakespeare does explore adult themes, but our staging will be appropriate for all ages with lots of music and theatricality to keep the whole family engaged. 


Egeon, an elderly Syracusian merchant travels to Ephesus in search of his son. But when he arrives, Solinus, the Duke of Ephesus takes him into custody. The law prohibits any merchants from Syracuse from entering the city. The penalty: death... Or a fine of one thousand marks. But before judgement is passed, Egeon tells the story of why he came to Ephesus.

Twenty-three years earlier, the ship carrying Egeon, his wife, and their identical twin sons, along with their identical twin servants, struck a rock and sank. Egeon and one of each of the boys was rescued and carried home. His wife and the other two boys were carried off to Corinth, their fate unknown. But when he turns eighteen, Antipholus, Egeon’s remaining son, searches out to find his lost mother and brother. Along with him, he brings his servant, Dromio. In memory of those they’d lost, both boys had taken their brothers’ names. Five years pass with Egeon receiving no word from his son. He leaves Syracuse and travels the world until there was no place left to search but Ephesus. Duke Solinus, moved by this story, allows Egeon the rest of the day to try to gather up the money to pay the fine. Meanwhile…

Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse have arrived in Ephesus. But unknown to them, their search is over. Antipholus of Ephesus is a prominent merchant in town, sending his servant, Dromio, about the city. Confusion sets in as masters and servants are mistaken for their twins. Angelo the goldsmith delivers a gold chain to the wrong Antipholus. Adriana, Antipholus of Syracuse’s wife, is incensed by her husband’s absence and becomes convinced that her he is cheating on her. Her sister, Luciana, falls in love with Antipholus of Epesus, thinking he is her sister’s husband. Adriana thinks her husband is possessed and has him tied up exorcised by the bearded Dr. Pinch.

But will the twins realize that they’ve found their brothers? Will the Duke carry out his sentence on Egeon? And who is the Abbess that resides in the priory?


*member of Actors Equity Association